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James & Vicky’s wedding storybook

Here’s how James & Vicky’s wedding at Dalhousie Castle turned out from my point of view It was a lot of hard work and endeavour (from both Sandie and I). But it was my pleasure to create this amazing collection of beautiful memories for them. Every photographer is different, they

James & Vicky’s wedding at Dalhousie Castle

I totally love capturing the getting-ready stages. Vicky looks absolutely radiant. And there’s a completely different feel to bridal portraits captured before the ceremony to the ones taken afterwards. A real sense of anticipation. I always recommend taking the opportunity to have the morning

Zara & Ray’s wedding at The Dalmahoy, Edinburgh

Love this one from Zara & Ray’s wedding which I’m finishing off just now. To me it really sums up what weddings are all about. In all my 14 years as a photographer, I’ve seen hundreds of weddings where the focus has been in the wrong place, leading to stress and anxiety on the

Susan & Thomas’s Wedding @ Dundas Castle by David Ho Photographer

I really enjoyed being back at Dundas Castle in December to photograph Susan & Thomas’s wedding and working with the lovely Alyson Thompson the castle’s operations manager for the first time. It was a great day and a real pleasure for Sandie and I. Suze & Tom were an

Family Photography @ Stuckgowan House, Loch Lomond Glasgow

Really good to catch up with Stacey & Alan on Boxing Day and do a family portrait shoot for them when they had their family gathering at Stuckgowan House on the banks of Loch Lomond, near Glasgow. I had the pleasure of photographing their fantastic winter wedding at The Balmoral Hotel in

James & Vicky’s wedding at Dalhousie Castle

Here’s one of the last pictures of the night from James & Vicky’s December wedding at Dalhousie Castle, just prior to their dancing. And I’m really pleased with it. I’m so glad James & Vicky took my word for it and took time out to brave the freezing temperatures to

Lori, Andy & Raife – Family Photography Falkirk

Two gorgeous quickies before Christmas for Lori, Andy & Raife. A real pleasure to do photography and create beautiful pictures for this lovely couple (now family)!

Dollar Academy Christmas Dances 2014

And in other news…last night Team Ho tackled the socialite event of the year, the super glamourous Dollar Academy Christmas Ball 2014. And they emerged victorious. And then they took selfies.

Rachel, Ian & Meadow’s family photography shoot in Edinburgh

One of many pictures from Rachel, Ian & Meadow’s family photography shoot that made me smile. They are just the best family ever. I remember photographing Rachel & Ian’s super glamorous wedding at Dundas Castle 6/7 years back – probably the most fun wedding I’ve ever

Cat & Ian’s pre wedding shoot in Edinburgh

Really happy to show this one from Cat & Ian’s pre wedding shoot in Edinburgh on Sunday. It was probably the quickest PWS I’ve done but it had to be that way given the shoot was out and about in Edinburgh city centre and the rain clouds were gathering. I love this picture of the two

Just one from Hazel & Lee’s wedding at Dundas Castle

Here’s one of my favourites from my current edit of Hazel & Lee’s wedding (they tied the knot at the majestic Dundas Castle a few weeks back). I love black & white imagery for occasions such as weddings. I think it lends itself perfectly to totally unscripted moments like this

Ash & Ross’s wedding day storybook

Here’s how Ash & Ross’s beautiful wedding day at Balbirnie House unfolded from my point of view!   Super couple.  

The Dome, Edinburgh

I’ve been asked to photograph The Dome on George Street every Christmas, for as many years as I care to remember but it always makes me smile to see one of George Street’s most beautiful and iconic buildings lit up magnificently both inside and out. If you’re looking to host

The best in food photography by Sandie Knudsen

Another glimpse of the photography talent of Sandie Knudsen who I am proud to have as my studio manager. As well as being super efficient in her role, helping me keep on top of workflow and deadlines, keeping clients updated with the progress of things like album delivery times, she is also a

Lisa & Ryan’s wedding at Balbirnie House

Enjoying a well earned mocha with Sandie in Loudon’s café in the Fountainbridge area of Edinburgh, recharging my batteries with lemon & lime cake, the day after the wedding before, I found myself itching to get back to the flat to post this gorgeous image of Lisa & Ryan onto my blog.

Mini & Me

I love Mini x Thank you Sandie for this fab picture which I’ll treasure forever!

Beautiful photography abstracts by Sandie Knudsen

I admire people who can do things brilliantly. Particularly art. I know what I’m good at – photographing people. But using the medium of photography to create abstract art is something that intrigues, excites and amazes me. But I’ve never tried it! I wouldn’t know where to

Susan & Tom’s pre wedding shoot in Edinburgh

Great effort by Susan & Tom today! Cold, overcast but they still jumped into the pre wedding shoot with both feet. I should have known that nothing much fazes doctors. They just roll their sleeves up and get on with the job in hand don’t they? Got some cracking shots in and around


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Ash & Ross’s Wedding @ Balbirnie House

When Ash & Ross told me, at their wedding on Saturday, how long they had spent hand-making two giant aluminium letters, illuminated by lightbulbs, I knew I had to do something special with them. And thankfully I was at the award winning Balbirnie House Hotel where the lovely Angela, looking

Coffee break

After a haircut and a pair of new shoes, I stopped for a coffee in Edinburgh this afternoon. For £3, I got a lovely cup of mocha PLUS a marketing lesson thrown in! See that wee winky smiley face? Well it brought a smile to mine. And that in itself, that little personal touch, that extra 1%,


I’m backing up last year’s work and just happened across a picture I created from Lucy & Gino’s pre-wedding shoot. A couple of things. Firstly, I absolutely love the picture. Taken at Gosford House, Edinburgh, it also reflects the grandeur of Lucy & Gino’s wedding

Saturday’s wedding at Dundas Castle, Edinburgh

This brought a wee smile to my face on Saturday when I was at Dundas Castle, Edinburgh. I admit I did a double take and rubbed my eyes! Never seen a wedding cake design quite as cheeky. But you know what, I love it. Anything that brings a smile to your face on your wedding day and to the faces of

Family photography session in Englandshire

If I had a list of my most loyal and treasured clients, Sarah would be pretty much near the top. Our paths first crossed eleven years ago (omg!) when I opened my first portrait studio in Trinity, Edinburgh. Sarah and her family were one of my first ever clients through the studio doors. That fact

Madamemoiselle Macaron, Edinburgh

While it might not actually be the first Saturday I’ve had off in years, it certainly felt like it today. So what to do? A leisurely stroll around the Edinburgh farmer’s market on Castle Terrace was just the ticket. The way I see it, when you buy at farmer’s markets,

Photobooth fun at Carberry Towers

WEDDING TIP. If you’re going to have a photo-booth at your wedding reception, then this is always going to happen. Yep. Your official photographers are going to jump inside at some point! Which is exactly what Sandie & I did at the end of the night just after the fireworks and after we

Dalhousie Castle wedding

WEDDING TIP. As a bride, you know you’ve hired a good makeup artist when the first thing she does is sit you down facing the largest window in the room and uses that as her primary light source on your face. Nothing beats the softness and neutrality of diffused window light. The bigger the

Climbing Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh

On Saturday, what was originally going to be a gentle afternoon stroll around Holyrood Park, Edinburgh quickly turned into a full scale expedition to the top of Arthur’s Seat. Nothing like a last minute change of plan…I’m still recovering. So proud of Samuel, Mileah and Lewis for

Totally gratuitous image of a pair of shoes

Just cos it’s pretty and twinkly and I like it 

Emma & Tom’s wedding Merchant’s Hall – George Hotel Edinburgh

I was just doing a final run through of all the pictures I took at Emma & Tom’s wedding and this was one of my favourites. It’s not overly directed or posed, typical of what you might find in magazine editorials where brides are contorted this way and that (probably for hours on

Fiona & Ross @ Kintore Parish / Monymusk Estate

You know, I don’t think I’ve ever come across a happier bride than Fiona. I mean, I know brides are happy people generally. But when I think back to Fiona & Ross’s wedding day, my most vivid memory is how excited and positively radiant Fiona was. She smiled beautifully and

Gabi & Simon’s wedding @ Wedderburn Castle

OK, just how much pressure is there to do well when the groom owns a Leica and is an excellent (published) photographer in his own right? I took this gorgeous picture of Gabi a month ago when she and Simon had their wedding at Wedderburn Castle. Yes, I’m slowly but surely catching up with

Dog Portraits Edinburgh

OMG. It’s been ages since I had one of these produced for a client – a huge wall portrait. Frank, one of my poker buddies, is going to be over the moon when I drop by this afternoon and he see’s what I’ve gone and produced for him. A gorgeous framed portrait of his dog

Francesca & Colin’s wedding @ Giffnock South Parish Church – Mar Hall

I always make a point of experiencing and learning as much as I can from every wedding both as a photographer and as a human being. And this day was no different. One of the many things I recall vividly, I remember Sandie and I pulling up to Mar Hall on the morning of Francesca &

Sandie & a big muckle eagle

This is Sandie, my studio manager and able assistant at weddings. A wonderfully talented photographer in her own right specialising in beautiful contemporary boudoir photography and also haute cuisine food photography, she is far braver than I am! And she loves her birds of prey. She’s always

Fireworks finale @ Comlongon Castle

I love twinkly lights. I love Christmas decorations. I love meteor showers. And I LOVE fireworks. Have to say that I’m usually on my last legs come 10pm on a wedding night! From an 8am start mind. But a good ol’ fireworks display always gets my heart racing. I’ll never stop

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