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Yearly Archives: 2010

Fiona, Gareth, Emilia & Euan

Spent a lovely afternoon in Edinburgh today in the company of Fiona, Gareth and their 2 lovely wee ones Emilia and Euan. I’m so glad I had my 3rd weetabix in the morning because they are just little bundles of energy! But when I managed to get their attention, with fantastic help from mum

Home Portrait Shoot in Edinburgh

99% of all my portraits are shot with a 50mm lens. Keep it simple! The thing about ‘home portrait shoots’ is that, until you arrive, you really have no idea what you’ve got to work with in terms of location, ambient lighting and props. And when you get there you literally


wizards Happiness is spending 20minutes to capture something that’s forever Love them to pieces.


I love this shot! And taken just in time :-) Thank you Lindsey & Kenny for asking me to be your photographer on your wedding day at a very glittery and a very glamourous Dundas Castle. You both looked a million dollars too (including all your girlfriends Lindsey!) and suited the venue and the


I do portraits as well you know Thank you Lauren for booking a studio portrait session with me and for actually making the appointment, given the sub zero temperatures and icy roads. You did amazingly well; posed beautifully and took direction like a real ‘next top model’. The hour


Carol & Grant’s wedding storybook How Carol & Grant’s fantastic wedding day looked from my point of view, as their wedding photographer, from start to finish  Ceremony at St Michael’s Parish, Linlithgow and then onto Glenskirlie House & Castle, near Stirling for the reception.

Everyone wants to be a photographer

Or so it seems! Every week I receive emails asking advice on what I do and how I do it. Emails from middle managers, for example, who have been made redundant and are now looking for an ‘interesting’ career change, emails from students desperate to switch courses to something more


Yesterday was as close as you could get to a winter wonderland wedding at The Church of the Holy Rude and then onto Stirling Castle. It was certainly one the coldest weddings I’ve ever photographed in terms of the weather. But one of the warmest and kindest in terms of the families involved.


ma wee flump today


Thank you Carol & Grant for choosing me to be your photographer for your wedding day. I’ve always said that willing and enthusiastic bride & grooms, who set aside enough time for photography on the wedding day, will get the best results. And you have set the bar even higher. On a

Things I wish I knew when I was 18…

Found this on the internet. Not my words but I find a certain truth in them Commit yourself to making lots of mistakes. – Mistakes teach you important lessons.  The biggest mistake you can make is doing nothing because you’re too scared to make a mistake.  So don’t hesitate – don’t doubt

Morag & Lisa’s wedding at Dalhousie Castle, Near Edinburgh

My first civil partnership wedding and I’m grateful it was the union of two of the most down to earth, natural & fun loving girls I’ve ever had the pleasure to photograph and just be around. Morag & Lisa’s trust and willingness to simply let me do my thing was all the

Witch & Pumpkin season is here

wooooOOOOOOOooooooo..... cackle Even though one is dressed as a witch, they're actually both wee pumpkins.  

The cost of wedding photography

There’s a lot of sense in this recent article. Aimed at both brides and photographers alike, it’s not a sales pitch – just fair points, well made. It’s not so much liking it but agreeing with it 110%.


Mindi & Hugh’s wedding storybook May I present Mindi & Hugh’s storybook (1st draft) from their amazing wedding which took place at St Giles in Edinburgh and then onto the Balmoral Hotel on Princes Street. Thank you for asking me to be your photographer!


Hi Jodie & Steve, thank you for inviting me into your home today to photograph young Bailey. Yes, you were right, I will definitely use the words “wee bundle of lightening” in my blog post He’s probably the most energetic, lively and bubbly little thing I’ve ever


  Thank you Shona for bringing Liam into my family portrait studio in Perth. We finally got the shoot done after all my car hassles! What a gorgeous wee star Liam is. He photographs amazingly well. I hope I’ve made it hard to choose your favourites from the gallery online. Hear from you

Studio photography sessions

 Shot a really great family photography session recently with Bruce & Greg in my Perth studio. It can sometimes be quite tricky photographing two lively teenagers (well in my experience, teenagers come in one of 2 varieties: lively or shy). But my pre-shoot concerns were completely thrown out


My wee chubbs :-)

1st dance at weddings

Here are a couple of dancing shots I took at Doina & Ramie’s wedding recently at Balbirnie House, Fife. I have to say I absolutely love the look and feel of these 2 images. Dancing shots are always a great way to round off your wedding story in the album. But these 2 images are a bit of

Laura & Keith’s champagne day on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh…

Thank you Nic & Kenny for this bit of luxury! And especially for asking me to photograph Laura & Keith’s wedding today at Lothian Chambers in Edinburgh. I can’t help thinking this bottle should be going in the other direction…I’m grateful to have photographed both

Lynsey & Lee’s wedding at Dalhousie Castle, Nr Edinburgh

From this moment, I knew the day was going to be a bit special... With a healthy Northern Irish contingent, Lynsey & Lee’s wedding was always going to be a bit fun! Thank you for asking me to be your wedding photographer, Lynsey & Lee. Wonderful moments peppered the day from start to


It’s always good to catch up with past brides & past grooms; find out what they’re up to, where they’re living, how many kids they have! And it’s so easy to spend ages talking about old times when you really should be working. But it was absolutely brilliant to catch up

Glasgow weddings

It feels like ages since I photographed a Glasgow wedding. Being an east coast of Scotland Edinburgh lad through and through, I still have a special fondness for the anywhere along Scotland’s west coast, Ayrshire, Troon, up by Loch Lomond, even Glasgow city centre. I’ve photographed


But for the genius of Facebook I may never have had the opportunity, which I had today, to reunite myself with Fiona & Bruce, a gem of a couple who’s wedding I had the pleasure of photographing several years back at Dalhousie Castle, near Edinburgh, one of Scotland’s great


A very sparkly evening at the Dome in Edinburgh where Lorraine Chase is running her festival show ‘ An Evening With Elsie Parsons’ and tonight was an extra special performance hosted by the Dome’s managing director Brian Crawford and markteting manager Kate Bell for close friends

Gillian & Tim’s wedding at Stirling Castle

A stunning portrait of Gillian. Her eye contact is incredibly powerful. Special mention to Lucy Gourlay who not only excels at her craft as a make-up artist but also left me with enough time to take some beautiful bridal portraits. If only hair stylists would follow suit. Well, it turned out

Top thoughts on booking a wedding photographer…

I get a lot of emails from bride & grooms asking for advice on what to look for when booking a wedding photographer. And that’s fine, I’m happy to oblige; normally it’s their first (and hopefully only) time round and they just need a prod in the right direction. Because even

Mileah Ho

Keeping the ball rolling with my family portraits…this is Mileah approx 10mins after she tripped over the lego box and spilled her Spag Bol all over herself and the sun room floor! Hence her birthday suit. Photographed in the kitchen, I’m sat at the dining table, Mileah against a white

Amelia, Toby & Mum

I spent a lovely but all too brief an afternoon today in the company of Emma and her two gorgeous little ones – Amelia & Toby.  To give you a brief insight into their personalities, Amelia WILL be an actress! Definitely. On stage in some capacity. Possibly a West End starring role or

Lewis & Mum

I’m feel I’m on a roll with my family portraits. This time it’s in our hallway with towels & jeans hanging on the radiators (Laura will kill me for saying that)   I only got 3mins this time with the little wriggler. Love him to bits even so…

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY STIRLING CASTLE – Lucas & Lorna’s wedding storybook

Lucas & Lorna’s wedding storybook Memories of an amazing wedding at Stirling Castle. Thank you Lucas & Lorna for choosing me to be your wedding photographer. Will be in touch soon! Please feel free to comment and please do share this link on Facebook with family & friends

Laura & Samuel

Wow. Has it been that long since I posted something in the personal section…all work, no play. I need to stop and smell the coffee sometimes. Anyways…Mrs Ho went for a new look today at Cheynes, George Street. Darker tones and, yes AND, a fringe. Got to say she looks fab!!

M Y   I N S T A G R A M