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Monthly Archives: May 2010


Similar to the EXPRESSIONS frame design in my last post, this is my studio’s popular BABYPARTS frame design. It’s my best selling frame design by far @ £345 and no wonder. It’s big & bold (frame size approx 28inx28in), it’s different, it’s unbelievably cute and


Here’s my favourite 5 year old daughter, looking very summery, just before swanning off to her dance class this morning. It’s ‘Keep Fit’ today, would you believe?! I love designing this EXPRESSIONS frame layout for my manhattan studio portrait clients. Why have only one

Ready for some sun

My 2 boys this morning, in their sun gear ready to dash into the garden, jump in the paddling pool and catch some rays.  Loving the hat


Sarah & Pete’s wedding storybook A wedding I especially enjoyed photographing! The biggest reason being Sarah & Pete themselves – truly lovely, genuine & caring folk of which there are not enough left in this world.  And having photographed Sarah and her family before, it made me

Nike Advert

For better or worse, I’m the world’s biggest football fan. And I CANNOT wait for the World Cup! Nike always come up with some absolutely cracking footy ads filled with humour. This one’s no different. I just know Laura’s shaking her head & rolling her eyeballs skywards

Chris, Amy & Aaron

Gorgeous eyes. And such a cute, inquisitive look!     Family portrait photography is something I can’t get enough of. And when it’s a past bride and groom from one of your favourite Scottish weddings ever (at Hopetoun House), it’s doubly special. Mum & Dad are Amy &

Karen & Adrian’s storybook

Karen & Adrian’s storybook Here’s Karen & Adrian’s wedding storybook design which I produced from their fabulous wedding day at Dundas Castle in Edinburgh! I’m so glad they chose me to be their photographer. I hope I did them proud. I’m always a bit more anxious to do a

The Dome, Edinburgh

They've done a grand job with the new decor. Looks amazing! I was in Edinburgh today photographing the Grill Room at The Dome on George Street, one of my favourite Edinburgh wedding venues and places to kick back and relax with an Amareto or two. Kate Bell and the team are in the midst of

New Poker Set

My New Poker Set Look what the postman brought this morning! Couldn’t resist really – it was too good a deal on ebay! I’m a big poker fan and I thought it was about time I acquired a proper deck of Copag super durable 100% plastic playing cards, some proper clay


After much to-ing and fro-ing and prodding and poking, the consultants have suggested putting Lewis back onto SMA gold and ranitidine to try and control the reflux. Well, he seems much happier, more settled, than when he was on that yucky lactose free stuff. And he’s doing proper nappies now!

A little Q&A

Here’s a little bit more about me, David Ho Photographer   I’ll sticky this in the ‘about me’ section too… Do you like to cook?  – Yes, very much so. I love cooking my favourite recipes and trying out new ones. Nothing really beats my home made pepperoni &

A portrait of Daniel

Peek-a-boo works! It’s a special feeling when a bride & groom from a past wedding come back to you to photograph their first born! First of all, individual portraiture is something I LOVE to do. And it’s always a great pleasure to be photographing children, especially when


SARAH & PETE'S WEDDING STORYBOOK What a pleasure to be invited by Sarah & Pete to be their wedding photographer for their wedding in at the lovely Allerton Castle in sunny Yorkshire. It’s always fun to cross the Scottish border once in a while! Thank you especially to Sarah who kept me in

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