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Dollar Academy Christmas Dances 2014

And in other news…last night Team Ho tackled the socialite event of the year, the super glamourous Dollar Academy Christmas Ball 2014. And they emerged victorious. And then they took selfies.

The Dome, Edinburgh

I’ve been asked to photograph The Dome on George Street every Christmas, for as many years as I care to remember but it always makes me smile to see one of George Street’s most beautiful and iconic buildings lit up magnificently both inside and out. If you’re looking to host

Mini & Me

I love Mini x Thank you Sandie for this fab picture which I’ll treasure forever!

Beautiful photography abstracts by Sandie Knudsen

I admire people who can do things brilliantly. Particularly art. I know what I’m good at – photographing people. But using the medium of photography to create abstract art is something that intrigues, excites and amazes me. But I’ve never tried it! I wouldn’t know where to


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Coffee break

After a haircut and a pair of new shoes, I stopped for a coffee in Edinburgh this afternoon. For £3, I got a lovely cup of mocha PLUS a marketing lesson thrown in! See that wee winky smiley face? Well it brought a smile to mine. And that in itself, that little personal touch, that extra 1%,

Madamemoiselle Macaron, Edinburgh

While it might not actually be the first Saturday I’ve had off in years, it certainly felt like it today. So what to do? A leisurely stroll around the Edinburgh farmer’s market on Castle Terrace was just the ticket. The way I see it, when you buy at farmer’s markets,

Climbing Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh

On Saturday, what was originally going to be a gentle afternoon stroll around Holyrood Park, Edinburgh quickly turned into a full scale expedition to the top of Arthur’s Seat. Nothing like a last minute change of plan…I’m still recovering. So proud of Samuel, Mileah and Lewis for

Sandie & a big muckle eagle

This is Sandie, my studio manager and able assistant at weddings. A wonderfully talented photographer in her own right specialising in beautiful contemporary boudoir photography and also haute cuisine food photography, she is far braver than I am! And she loves her birds of prey. She’s always

My world

There’s a light at the end of this very long tunnel where I see three tiny silhouettes are dancing to the sound of laughter. #grateful


It’s been a pretty traumatic 12 months for me. My world seems to have been turned upside down and given a good ol’ shake. I know everyone has their own bag of stones to carry on their life journey but about a year ago I took a big tumble and my bag of stones scattered across the


I’m really not a writer. I wish I was. Because it’s hard for me to put into words how in awe I am of what these two have done with their lives and continue to do together. Their solid commitment to one another, the strength of their love & support for each other and to their wee

Merry Xmas!

My 3 little rascals. Their smiley faces make my Christmas ever year :) I hope you had a fun Christmas surrounded by the ones you love!

Mileah & Tea

I love taking pictures of Mileah. This one is from Sunday afternoon when she had her best friend Tea round for an afternoon play. I love this fun picture of the two of them; the expressions, the pose – their friendship really shines through. I got a lot of positive feedback from this picture

West Linton Primary School

Here’s how I spent Monday morning! <SLIDESHOW> Doing stuff like this makes me happy to be a photographer and happy to be alive Best of luck to all the staff and all the kids at West Linton Primary School in their brand new building.

Bumps & babies

I didn’t know whether to post this under ‘Weddings & Portraits’ or ‘Personal’ but I had the pleasure today of reuniting with Sarah & Peter, two of the nicest, kindest people on the planet. They also happened to be a past bride & groom of mine. In fact

School Report

I never used to get ‘excellent’ at school! Or Uni for that matter. Until I took up photography that is Really proud of my wee boy’s 1st high school report. The most important thing for me is that HE thinks school life is ‘excellent’. Carry on…

shoot when you feel

Life passes by so quickly. And with my current workload, I have my head down and weeks feel like minutes. So I’m glad I set aside some time to capture the moment when Mileah bounced into the living room, straight off the school bus, with Lewis biting at her ankles. If I hadn’t reached


Here’s my very latest wedding picture i.e. the very last picture I took at the last wedding I photographed a few days ago. By the end the night, just as I’m loading my lightstands and camera bag into the car, I always know that I’ve just photographed THE best party in

Don’t quit

I’m dead proud of my wee boy. He’s a lovely lad. Popular, cheery, fun loving. Always thinking of others. And football daft. He goes to football training after school every Tuesday & Thursday and plays matches every Sunday (I’m his taxi driver & biggest fan). And


Been a hectic summer of weddings and still over a dozen big ones still to go and all that entails. And I’m a bit exhausted and already thinking I need a holiday. But hey, it’s been years since I’ve been abroad. Yep, that’s me in the picture, a good few years back, en route


I’ve just returned from a few priceless days spent in Dumfries & Galloway with the family. I’m so conscious of the fact that memories of time spent with your children when they are young are among the most precious memories we will have when we are older. I’m going to make

Night sky over Blyth Bridge

Below zero temperatures in Blyth Bridge tonight but I had to go out and capture Jupiter & Venus in the night sky together! Not everyday that happens. Even with a wood fire roaring in the old barbie, my fingers are still numb. But I think I just about managed it before both planets disappeared

A new year!

"You know something is funner together". I hope 2012 is a wonderful, memorable and extremely happy year for you! If I’m lucky enough to play any part in your 2012, thank you and I look forward to creating some beautiful pictures and capturing some very special moments


Due to the relocation of a much valued team player, I’m on the lookout for someone new to join my gang. Not a full time employee or even a part time one but a competent photographer willing to join my network of contacts. Someone I can hire to be my 2nd shooter at a wedding or if I need a

Don’t compromise

I often reflect on where wedding photography fits into the grand scheme of things. It’s not life or death. But then weddings aren’t. You’re using what talent you have to create beautiful pictures on probably the happiest day in the lives of 2 people. What really matters is

It’s what you do with it…

I can buy a £200 pair of adidas super striker football boots. But that won’t make me David Beckham. Ronaldinho can juggle a tennis ball with his bare feet. On a sandy beach. It’s not about the equipment you have. It’s what you do with it that counts using the skill you have at

Must have taken you ages to get that shot!

Well, no, not really! While it’s always nice to get random emails from people complimenting my photography, it’s interesting to note how often it’s assumed that it must take me ages to set up my directed shots – to light them, to pose them and to photograph them. Nothing


Recently I’ve been thinking of doing more personal photography. As much as I love photographing portraits and weddings, it’s nice to have a release from it every once in a while otherwise 24/7 it’d drive you bonkers. So over the past week, I’ve been carrying a dinky little


Thank you to Donny Hay for inviting me into his lovely Edinburgh home to photograph 3 very charming young adults  I really hope Sue loved the portraits too, a great idea for a birthday present! After the photoshoot ended it made me think, having 3 young kids of my own, I really


Back in the 1990’s, when I was still finding my feet in the world of social photography, I was a small fish in a very big, very established pond. I was still building up my referral base and all the while bills needed to be paid. I needed to make ends meet. So I signed up and spent

My wedding photography resolution for 2011

Whether I’m shooting a wedding in Edinburgh, Glasgow, London or Venice, my wedding photography resolution for 2011 is to use video light a lot more. In particular to explore situations where I can mix video light with existing ambient or flash. Used well, a video light can crank up the

My photography gear for 2011

It always makes me smile when I hear photo-enthusiasts talk excitedly about new equipment releases from Nikon or Canon or wherever. Goodness knows how many times, in years gone by, I’ve waited anxiously with baited breath for the next camera release or lens or even bag upgrade and how many

M Y   I N S T A G R A M