Professional Headshots Scotland – Claudia

I spent this morning photographing professional headshots for Claudia. I went for two distinct styles; ‘Business’ – a polished professional look for use on CVs & job applications, LinkedIn, company brochures & websites, press releases etc and ‘Natural’ – something a lot more relaxed, informal and a bit glam, for personal use and social media. […]

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Here’s the portrait I photographed for Sandie for her 50th brithday! OMG. 50? That’s unbelievable isn’t it? Just goes to show that beauty really is timeless. I don’t care what anyone says but most 30 something women would be completely blown away if they looked as youthful and as beautiful as Sandie does in this […]

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Huge thanks to Hannah, Anna and Rachael for helping me try out new locations in Edinburgh for my senior portraits. I’m a big fan of photographing out and about on-location, particularly with teenagers with a strong sense of individuality. Like these three! Outwith the confines of four studio walls and a plain white backdrop, you can tailor your locations endlessly to […]

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Beautiful boudoir photography by Sandie Knudsen

If Carlsberg made boudoir photographers then Sandie Knudsen, would probably be the best in Scotland! Her wonderful empathy and instant rapport with her clients, her subtlety and her creative vision means gorgeous, sensual portraits every single time. Sandie has that rare talent to be able to photograph the female form beautifully AND ALSO to bring out and celebrate the beauty, strength and confidence inside […]

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Sometimes you get to know the people in front of you so well that it feels like photographing members of your own family :).  And you find yourself taking even greater care and going the extra mile. I had the pleasure of being Gill & Keith’s wedding photographer back in 2005 as well as being […]

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