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How many photographs do you take?

It depends on how your day unfolds; every wedding is different. But for me it will always be a case of quality over quantity. Some photographers promise 100 pictures, others promise 1000 pictures. I normally produce 200-300 beautiful photographs from a full day’s wedding.

How much time needs to be set aside for photography?

At the getting-ready stages before the ceremony, I recommend that you are fully ready for photography 1 hour before the bridal cars come for you. This means you will need to keep on top of your hair & make-up team so they don’t run late! After the ceremony itself. I always recommend a 2 hours drinks reception. This gives you time to unwind, mingle, chat and to really enjoy the day with your guests. AND it gives me enough time to photograph everything I need (both candidly and formally). These 2 hours will absolutely fly by!

What if the day runs late?

If you run late or if your wedding day timetable is too tight, it usually means less time for photography. All the beautiful, directed shots which you see on my website, they all take time to create. And without time to photograph, even with the best will in the world, there’s not much I can do! In my experience, late running usually starts with the hair & makeup team at the getting-ready stages! I can personally recommend amazing make-up artists who are not divas, who are incredibly talented and who understand that beautiful brides deserve to be photographed properly! 

Be assertive with your venue too, especially about maintaining that all important 2 hour drinks reception, even if the day runs late. Certain venues have no flexibility and simply will not accommodate a bride who is running late –  their take is that if you run late, in order to get back on schedule, you must sacrifice your photography time. Don’t let that happen! Ultimately, I just want to give you as many beautiful pictures as possible.

Why a minimum 2 hours drinks reception?

60mins for the bride & groom and the wedding party to mingle, chat and simply enjoy being congratulated by family & friends. Hug, kiss, make merry! And whilst you drink champers with your friends, I get to capture all my candid, natural, fun shots of the family & guests. This is followed by 30mins of posed family groupshots – I think it’s important to do some formal family groups at every wedding, especially for the older folks! And then finally 30mins of beautiful, dramatic bride & groom shots, around the reception venue and away from everyone else. Having photographed hundreds of weddings over 13 years, I can say with certainty that these 2 hours are barely enough and will absolutely fly by. Don’t be tempted into anything less. Enjoy a leisurely drinks reception with your family and friends and enjoy your photography time without being rushed into being seated before you’re ready.

Is there anything I shouldn’t do?

One thing you needn’t do is to give me a long list of shots to take! Just leave it to me:) Before you book me, have a real good look at my photography. Look at the style, the creativity and the variety of pictures. Rest assured, that’s what you’ll receive if you give me free rein to photograph your wedding the way I see it. By all means give me a list of say 5 or 6 important formal family groups – I’d very much welcome that. But a list of 100 shots (copy and pasted from a wedding magazine arrrgh!!) will be like clipping the wings of my imagination. It’ll turn me into a robot photographer, churning through that bog standard shotlist, one shot after another. I’ve never wanted to go down that road of being a production line photographer. You’re investing a lot in me to give you my best. To be imaginative and creative. Don’t go against that by restricting my creativity before the wedding day even begins. Give my imagination the freedom to fly and I promise to deliver a set of wedding photographs which will take your breath away.

Are there 1 or 2 of you?

It’s just me! Some photographers work in pairs, others work on their own. For me, I guess it’s a quality control thing! Because everything goes through my personal camera lens, I’m reassured that every picture taken meets MY standards. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I need to know exactly what’s been photographed and how it’s been photographed. It also means (if you’ve pre-ordered a storybook) that I know precisely how the storybook design is coming together, at every stage of your wedding day. Besides, I never stop clicking! An extra photographer does not mean better photographs – it just means more of the same.

How do I book you?

Booking me as your wedding photographer is really straightforward – I’ll email you a simple booking form to complete and there’s a booking fee to be paid, which is normally £500 or 50% of your booked package, whichever you prefer. Once the completed booking form is back in my hands and the booking fee paid by bank transfer, your date is 100% secure in my diary. Please note that I work on a first-booking-form-through-the-door basis. I don’t hold dates provisionally for anyone, regardless of what stage their enquiry is at. It really is the fairest way for everyone, given the number of enquiries I get and each one at a different stage of the decision-making process. So if you want to secure me for your wedding to the exclusion of everyone else, let me know ASAP. Until I am in actual receipt of a signed booking form plus the booking fee, all dates in my diary remain free to other bookings without notice – meaning someone else can jump in at anytime with their booking form/booking fee to secure my services for the date you’re enquiring about.

What if I live outside Scotland?

I regularly have the pleasure of photographing weddings where the couple and the wedding party come from outside Scotland e.g. from all over England, Europe, America, Australia, Dubai, Hong Kong. Booking me to be your photographer from abroad is equally straightforward. Yes, I always love a face to face meeting before the wedding, where we can talk and get to know each a bit more but it isn’t crucial. Or very practical especially if you live far away. But distance is not a hurdle at all. We can have regular communication by email or phone, payments can be done by bank transfer and delivery of your disk or album after the wedding, by international courier.

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