Bridal Portraits

Finally, finally I get to photograph the bride on her own! And 3 things are at the front of my mind. First, how much time do I have left?! Which translates as ‘why do hair & makeup artists always run late?’ I know I work fast but even I can’t work any magic with negative […]

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Final year of high school?

So it’s your final year of high school. How do you want to remember this time? On one hand, you have 6 years worth of formal school portraits, all a bit samey. On the other hand, you have a zilllion spur-of-the-moment selfies on your iPhone. Is there a better way to get original and exciting […]

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Click below to see my photo submission for an article in Tie-The-Knot magazine about the benefits of booking a Pre-Wedding photoshoot with your wedding photographer. I’m in with a whole bunch of other photographers but it’s great to see so many of them exhibiting their own unique style of photography. Personally, I love that the […]

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Definitely not an iPhone selfie

Everyone deserves a great, professional portrait of themselves. And not just once in a lifetime either. I mean, I upload pictures onto Facebook all the time but the visual record who you are, who you were, and how you’ve evolved through the years, your time on Earth should not be limited to several hundred pouting […]

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