It’s always exciting for me to get on the road and photograph a wedding somewhere new, outwith my normal Edinburgh / Glasgow stomping ground. And preparing for Faye & Euan’s fantastic wedding up in Aberdeen, I felt a familiar tingling in my tummy as I loaded my camera bags into the car. I just love travelling full-stop! It’s only the packing and the triple-checking you’ve got everything that’s a bit stressful! I’m so glad Faye & Euan wanted me to photograph their wedding day at Aswanley in Aberdeen. For much bigger reasons that satisfying my travel bug. From our first meeting in Blyth Bridge, it was clear to me what a fabulous fit we would be together. After talking to them and getting to know them a lot better, listening to their preferences and their hopes for their wedding day, I was completely ready to photograph their wedding WHEREVER in the world they chose to have it. Aswanley in Aberdeen or Timbuktu. I would move mountains to be their wedding photographer. Why? Because sometimes people just get you. And that is why I do what I do. For those few instances when you stumble upon a bride & groom who get you. They see the value in good photography, they see what you’re striving to achieve and they understand what it takes – that it is all about a team effort. And that the more we put in, the more we get out. Not only that, Faye & Euan were just so happy and relaxed to let me just do my thing. And I’m always so grateful for that. As odd as it may seem, I never take being given free-rein for granted! But that’s precisely what they gave me. They’re easy going, true, kind natured and with such eager and expressive smiles. I’ve only been in their company for a day but even so, both their personalities shone through loud and clear. They were the best fun to be around and a dream to photograph. And I think even these few previews pictures will give you a real sense of who they are and what a top day which everyone enjoyed on Saturday.

I love this gorgeous, vibrant portrait of Faye taken just before we left the house.
Faye and her bestest friends in the whole world. Thankfully someone remembered the garter at the last minute!
Guests arriving at the quaint little picturesque church in the tiny village of Tullynessie.
An excited Euan arriving with Lachlan his bestman, Mike and Richard, his ushers. All looking exceptionally dapper in their kilts. Mike & Richard were super at gathering family for group photos! Thank you!
I told Euan & Faye on the day how brilliantly expressive their smiles were. And I absolutely meant what I said. You can’t help but smile along with them! I love this shot. To me, it’s what weddings are all about.
And this made ME smile 🙂 Taken just before our final bride & groom photo-session, before the dancing started. I was far away but I caught Faye with a long lens quickly touching up her makeup in front of the nearest ‘mirror’.
A glamourous shot. Contemporary and full of fun. Which I thought suited them perfectly!
Aswanley estate where the wedding reception was held looked amazing. Twinkly lights do it for me everytime 🙂
Faye & Euan looking so content. As a photographer, you can’t really ask for more. They look perfect together!
The dance lessons paid off big time! ‘Strictly’ fan Faye told me about their evenings spent ballroom dancing to prepare for their very own 1st dance.

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