Feel it

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Yes, I’ve got a very good camera. And I’ve definitely got some cracking lenses. I also think I have a good handle on lighting and all the knowledge that goes into making a ‘technically’ sound wedding picture. But in my book, a technically perfect photograph comes a very distant second to any wedding photograph that takes me back and allows me to remember how I felt. And I’ll wager that most bride & grooms feel exactly the same. There are too many wedding photographers out there who talk the geeky talk (you should have been on this ISO or at that focal length) their websites are full of technically good imagery. But god their pictures are dull. There’s nothing inventive or creative or daring about photography by the numbers! Clients don’t care about the tick list. All they care about are the tingles! Emotional impact, and I don’t care how you get it, will always top my list when I’m critiquing wedding imagery, including my own. Everything else pales into insignificance.

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