George Brown

Today I said goodbye to a giant and the world is a far quieter place. George & Kimmie came into my life 16 years ago when I opened my first photography studio in South Trinity Road, Edinburgh. They were wedding planners and were looking to add a good photographer to their list of recommended suppliers and I was being grilled! And ever since, they’ve been a source of inspiration, strength, positivity and practical advice through my own ups and downs, trials and tribulations, successes and failures, in both my business and personal life. I only hope that I positively impacted George’s life even half as much as he impacted mine. A giant of a man. I believe that when people come into our lives, it’s down to each one of us to take whatever goodness you can, learn the lessons and reflect all that back into the world. Here’s what I learned from George Brown.

  • Stay close to the ones you love
  • Laugh loud and laugh often
  • Loyalty is everything
  • Forge your own path
  • Work hard and stay true to yourself
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