Be early

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Scenario 1. The church is 20 minutes away and you’re supposed be there in 10. The cars are outside, engines running. You’re still in your hotel room, sitting in front of the mirror in your dressing gown. The hair & makeup team are flapping around you, doing their diva thing, telling you it’s totally fine, you’re supposed to be late anyway. Your three bridesmaids are nervously wondering if it’s time to get into their dresses. Your parents are pacing up and down, wondering what mood the minister is going to be in because things are going to run seriously late. The panic begins. Yours truly is packing his camera away knowing that the chances of getting a relaxed and happy bridal portrait is zero. On balance, it’s better to for me to dash to the church, get parked up and catch the guests and the bride’s arrival. Besides, you’re totally frazzled. The number of beautiful bridal portraits in the bag as I drive to the church? Zero.

Scenario 2. It’s an hour before the cars are due to arrive. You’re all dressed and ready to rock and roll. You’re chilling and laughing with your bridesmaids and you look like a million dollars. Everyone’s sipping a glass of champers, there’s canapes and nibbles on the go, and everyone’s happy because they see that you’re happy. And yours truly knows for a fact that my next 30 minutes is going to be spent photographing a gorgeous, happy bride looking super relaxed, ultra glamourous and feeling like she’s on top of the world.

Moral of the story? No matter what anyone says, it’s seriously not cool to be late. Be early.

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