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Presenting one of my favourite bride & groom images from 2008. This was 10 years ago! I’m quite chuffed with that. Since I turned pro in 2000, wedding photography has gone from one extreme to the other. Over the course of a couple of decades, people’s tastes have swung from gorgeous, sexy, glamourous ‘directed’ images (hands on) to gritty, documentary, fly-on-the-wall, ‘candid’ images (hands off). I’ve ridden both those tidal waves, I’ve immersed myself in both camps and I’ve bought both t-shirts. And now I can do both styles of photography to an exceptionally high standard. But I’ll tell you this. In terms of sheer impact, aspiration and WOW factor, there’s simply no comparison. The ‘hands on’ approach wins hands down everytime. And you know what? Everything is about to come full circle. Who wants grit when you can have glamour? I don’t believe people want their wedding to be remembered as the same as everyone else’s. It’s so hard to be enthused the morning after, the year after, by thousands of soulless, insipid snapshots from iPhone wielding amateurs which will look no different from the 5000 on everyone else’s Facebook and Instagram. What other day in your life are you going to look and feel more alive and sensational? I believe fewer and fewer couples (particularly brides) want the capture of the biggest and best day of their lives to be left to chance – for the sake of what? Cutting corners? Fear of what other people might think? The regret stories are already circulating of bride & grooms who chose fear over legacy, cost cutting over talent, snaps over works of art. It’s tragic because there’s no going back. The good news is that the tipping point is reached. Seasoned pros who can do ‘hands on’ well, you all better hang on tight. There’s a tidal wave coming.

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