Jump into a field?

david ho photographer top wedding and best headshot photographer in Scotland. Based in Edinbugh, covering Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee.

Wanted: couples who’d clamber over a rusty barbed wire fence and jump into a field with me on their wedding day! I want to hear from you. Apply now. Seriously though, if you’re ready to invest a sizeable sum in a talented wedding photographer, then be prepared to trust him completely, let his talent and imagination fly and run with his creativity. Give him the time, space and support to do his thing; photography is a two way thing and you have to play your part – nothing good will ever come from photographing an unwilling subject. Mutual trust is huge so work on building that rapport from the very first minute of meeting each other. So that when you find yourself stood in the middle of a cornfield on your wedding day, you know there’s probably a very good reason for it.

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