Just One – from Adele & Jake’s Wedding at Dundas Castle, 2009

I chose this ‘just one’ from Adele & motorbike fanatic Jake’s wedding mainly because it makes me smile! And because I’m fed up seeing so many wedding pictures of the bride & groom standing next to each other, sharing the bouquet and saying ‘cheese’. And yes, I’ve photographed a fair few of those myself. But for a very long time now, when it comes to couple shots, I’ve tried to distance myself from the bland, the ordinary and the expected for one reason and one reason alone. We’re all different. Every relationship is different. So why photograph every couple in the same way? Just because it’s the norm?! The best bride & groom portraits show reveal something unique about their relationship and them as people. That glimpse of them as real people is what draws people in. That’s what makes a great shot. That’s what brings smiles to faces. Not the same old, same old. Adele & Jake are as down to earth, as generous and as fun loving as they come. They don’t take themselves or life too seriously and they always have a ready smile and a helping hand for those around them. So as soon as Adele presented Jake with his wedding present, in front of all of their wedding guests (a brand spanking new Harley Davidson), I knew I had to get him on it! I also knew that this would be ‘the one’ shot that would totally sum them up as a couple and the whole wedding too.

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