Just One – from Caroline & Jon’s Wedding at Dundas Castle 2010

Following on from my previous ‘just one’ post, I decided on this one particular image from Caroline & Jon’s wedding at Dundas Castle back in 2010 to highlight the other end of my wedding photography repertoire – the candid shot! Call it candid, call it photo-journalistic, call it off-the-cuff, it’s simply photographing quietly and discreetly without any direction, prompting or intervention whatsoever. It’s about anticipation and timing and an appreciation of how best to tell the story of what’s unfolding in front of you, that very second. This is my default way to photograph. I love the realism. I love the freedom and the opportunity to tell the story, my way. But like I said in my last post, I tailor my photographic style and approach depending on what the situation demands. And on any given wedding day, circumstances change minute by minute. My biggest strength is my ability to adapt instanteously and cope with whatever is put in front of me regardless of how adverse the circumstances. I count myself blessed at being able to excel at both ‘directed/posed’ photography and ‘candid/PJ’ photography. And not just wedding photography either. It’s the same with photographing family portraits, children, animals, covering business events, AGM’s, seminars, trade shows etc. And that’s something I can be rightly proud of. And I am! Goodness knows I”ve paid my dues over the last 16 years. The truth is that I can’t think of any other photographer who can offer both styles of photography to an exceptional standard.

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