Just One – from Claire & Tim’s wedding @ Balbirnie House, June 2009

There’s nothing more humbling and inspirational to see couples who have been there, done it, made the sacrifices, bought the t-shirt and come out the other side smiling. And just as devoted as they were when they made those promises to each other, all those years ago. I know how hard that journey that is. I didn’t make it. I fell short and by some way. I’m in absolute awe of couples who have stuck by each other through thick and thin and faced life’s challenges together with strength, dignity and unconditional support for one another. The one thing I’ve learned is that a happy-ever-after is all about what you’re willing to sacrifice for the one you love. And the answer is ‘everything’. So my JUST ONE picture from Claire & Tim’s wedding back in June 2009 at Balbirnie House, is a photograph I took of Tim’s mum & dad holding their own wedding picture, from decades earlier. It’s both heartwarming and inspiring to see what two devoted human beings are capable of. Just amazing.

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