Just One – from Linsey & Mark’s wedding at Balbirnie House, July 2009

I chose this ‘just one’ from Linsey & Mark’s wedding to show that you don’t need summer time gardens in bloom & castle turrets disappearing into marshmallow clouds for a fantastic bride & groom portrait on their wedding day. What you really need is a hotel service elevator. Plus of course a bride & groom who are up for anything and who trust you as a photographer to make things happen! Photographers who moan that their shots weren’t great because the location wasn’t great are missing the point. The quality of your wedding photography should not be related to the quality of the venue. That’s a cop out. It is however directly related to your imagination, your eye for a good composition and crucially your people skills to bring out the best in whoever comes in front of your camera lens. At the end of the day, wedding photography is not about perfect gardens and pristine landscapes. It’s about photographing two people in love and showing the connection they have with one another. If that spark is there then pounce on it, encourage it, play with it. That’s when great shots happen. Even in a service elevator.

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