Just One – from Michelle & Derek’s wedding at Dundas Castle

I chose this ‘just one’ from Derek & Michelle’s wedding at Dundas Castle because it highlights one extreme of my wedding photography repertoire; the directed shot! There’s nothing candid or off-the-cuff or spontaneous about it. As much as I love the quiet, discreet photo-journalistic approach, this super glamourous shot was deliberately crafted by the photographer, me. I knew the composition I was going for, I visualised it and I took the time to sculpt it precisely how I wanted. And had several takes. Of course, this kind of thing would not be possible without a willing, enthusiastic and patient bride & groom – Derek & Michelle clearly were all those things! And they were well up for highly stylized wedding photography too which is crucial – you definitely want to be singing off the same hymn sheet with your client. There are some couples of course who would run a mile from such bold and glamourous setups preferring a low key photo-journalistic approach to capturing their big day. And that’s totally OK. But the way I see it, there’s no reason why you can’t have a bit of both on your wedding day, of all days! And even less reason why any good wedding photographer shouldn’t be able of to offer both to a high degree of proficiency. I personally find myself adapting my style & approach throughout the course of any wedding, depending on the scenario in front of me (which is of course always changing). If it’s a quiet tender moment shared by father of the bride and his daughter pre-ceremony, then I’m not going to wade in there telling them to ‘hang on, hang on’, how to stand and where to look – I’ll obviously switch to discreet mode and photograph them from a distance but remain entirely focussed on capturing all the emotions and the heavy significance of the moment. I’ll let that moment unfold on it’s own accord. Other times, when guests or the bride & groom are clearly up for a party then photographing glamourous and dramatic setups, such as this one, will simply add to the feel good factor and encourage everyone to let their hair down and just have a ball.

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