Just One – from Suzie & Jed’s wedding at Dundas Castle June 2009

Here is ‘just one’ from Suzie & Jed’s wedding at Dundas Castle back in 2009. What I want to illustrate with this one image is that as a wedding photographer, your job is more than rounding people up, getting the exposure right and making sure you don’t forget about auntie Jean. Your primary job is to capture feelings. To anticipate moments of stillness as well as moments of unbridled laughter and joy. And to be in a position to capture and preserve those emotions forever. As a wedding photographer, every second of the wedding day should be spent in a state of heightened anticipation of these moments. They could happen anytime and are often so fleeting that in just a few seconds, they are gone. And there’s the frustration. Your job is to jar as many of these elusive fireflies as possible before they disappear off into the night sky! It’s a tough ask for 12 hours solid but that’s the deal. That’s why the most able, most experienced photographers can charge the big bucks. The most impactful and most memorable wedding pictures are not the record shots of the cake, the point and click of the guests, the ‘spin & grins’, uncle Donald lifting his kilt and exposing himself to the masses (although that’s always a fun one to have). The best shots are the ones that make you feel exactly what was being felt in that moment. It can be of anything or anyone one. The subjects don’t even have to be looking at the camera. As a photographer, you’re chasing the moment that sums up the moment. So stay tuned into the people around you, keep your eyes peeled, steer clear of the obvious and, most of all, anticipate.

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