I love this shot. It totally sums Kelly up. So much fun! Only Kelly. I can’t think of another bride who would 🙂

Sometimes everything in the world just clicks! Today was one of those days. Let’s start with the Kelly! I hadn’t met Kelly properly til today but her emails and messages told me that she would be amazing to work with. She was just the most cheeky & fun bride, completely down to earth and totally gorgeous. And despite Kelly’s joking reservations about her man being in front of the lens, Carl was fantastic too! A proper gentleman, proper goodlooking and just an incredibly nice guy – it’s a rare thing to be all 3 (I wouldn’t know)! Their family and friends were huge fun as well, especially the mad, bad Magaluf girls! I mingled and talked and that let me get some cracking shots of everyone throughout the day. The venue was magnificent – I hadn’t photographed at the classy Marriott Dalmahoy for years and it was such a fantastic feeling to be back. Especially with the ceremony being held at St Mary’s, at the entrance to the grounds, which is a lovely wee church. I always think it would make the perfect church to go on a Christmas card, you know with snow falling from a night sky, with warm lanterns and twinkly lights. It’s just what you’d imagine! The Dalmahoy team led on the day by Lynette Sutherland (buggy driver extraordinaire) are super efficient which is what you need for any wedding. Special mention to Reverend Derek Collingwood who conducted the ceremony, as ever, with grace & good humour (it was like being reunited with an old friend, lovely to see you again Derek!) and John Smith the toastmaster who always adds a splash of elegance to any wedding. I’ve known John for years, back when I first started as a photographer 13 yrs ago and it was fab to see him again. As I say, it’s great when the stars align. Super day for everyone. Here are just a few magic previews of Kelly & Carl’s big day.

Kelly’s lovely heels for the day (the Vivienne Westwood’s were so close to getting the nod)
How much do I love this shot of Kelly?! I wanted to replicate that cool, sassy black & white Armani advert filmed in hotel room starring Megan Fox (I think it’s called ‘The Tip’ and doing the rounds on Youtube). This is better 🙂
I love the gentle feel of this portrait which I think shows off another side of Kelly’s personality beautifully.
It’s all about feeling great & having fun! I’m delighted for Kelly & Carl.
What better way to kick off a wedding than to duff up the groom in a lift! 🙂
Carl & the boys!
Team Flynn, walking down the aisle for the first time as Mr & Mrs. One of my favourite churches, St Mary’s at Dalmahoy.
Kelly and her mad, bad Magaluf girls 🙂 Fun & trouble in equal measure.
I love this shot! Some couples are meant to be together. Kelly & Carl are one such couple. Sometimes, you just know.

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Comments 10

  1. Laura Farquhar

    David, the pictures are absolutely stunning, you captured the mood of the day perfectly and made everyone feel so at ease with your down to earth approach. As one of the ‘magaluf girls’ I’ve known Kelly and Carl as long as they’ve been together and you have summed them up perfectly. I can’t wait to see all the photos now!! The pictures could easily be on the cover of a bridal magazine!! Thanks for giving them a beautiful reminder of what really was the perfect day!

    10 June, 2012
  2. David

    Thank you Laura! It was a great day with great people. Kelly was brilliant to be around from the start and they make a fab couple. I’m so pleased with the pics so far 🙂 Look forward to showing the rest! David

    10 June, 2012
  3. Gloria Officer

    David what can I say, the photos are amazing!!
    You captured everything on the day to perfection and we can’t wait to see the rest of the photos.
    As Mother of the bride one of the most important things which I was worried about was the photos. But from the first minute of meeting you I just knew Kelly had made the right choice. Each and everyone of the guests commented on how at ease and included you made them all feel and how you made it fun. Thanks for helping make Kelly and Carl’s day so special!!! I will certainly be recommending you to all my friends and family Thank you so much!!! Gloria Officer

    11 June, 2012
  4. David

    Thank you Gloria! It was a real pleasure for me to be there and just do my job to the best of my ability. You must have been so proud of Kel 🙂 And I’m so grateful to her for choosing me. Family & friends will be talking about the wedding for a long time. Great day. Look forward to showing the rest 🙂 Best wishes, David

    11 June, 2012
  5. Abi Sutcliffe

    Wow!! Absolutely amazing pictures!! Kelly you look stunning as usual but even more stunning on these pics!! I wish i’d known about this photographer for my wedding! Amazing!!

    12 June, 2012
  6. Claire Watson

    David the pictures are amazing,I always knew my sister was beautiful and you’ve captured her true beauty she looks amazing , can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures ,it was so nice to meet you and Jodie and I’ll definitely be recommending you to all my friends
    Thanks again
    Claire x 🙂

    12 June, 2012
  7. David

    Thank you Claire! Lovely to meet you too. I’m so glad everyone had a fab day. Wish every wedding was like Kelly & Carl’s! 🙂 David

    13 June, 2012
  8. Lauren Wade

    These pictures are amazing!! You have captured a beautiful day perfectly. Cannot wait to see the rest of them!

    14 June, 2012
  9. David

    Thank you Lauren 🙂

    15 June, 2012

    Hi David I see Kelly and Carl’s album is up to view please can you send me the password.Thankyou


    30 June, 2012

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