I want to look spontaneous

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The thing is, I can’t make anyone look ‘spontaneous’. Not if they’re not feeling it. I don’t have a magic jar of ‘spontaneity’ dust to sprinkle on people. One of my pet peeves is when someone who’s reluctant to be photographed for whatever reason, says to me ‘make me look natural’. I can’t make you feel something you don’t feel or don’t want to feel. It’s not something you can fake either. And would you really want to fake it? You want natural, carefree, spontaneous pictures? Then bring it! YOU have to bring it. Not the photographer. You. At the very least bring patience & positivity to the table and we’re maybe halfway there. I can work with that. You have to let go and you’ve got to be in the mood. Don’t overthink it. When it happens, I’ll see it, I’ll encourage it and I’ll catch it.

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