A portrait of Mileah & Lewis

Makes a nice change from putting together wedding albums! This is my Mileah Ho (4yrs) with her little brother Lewis ‘Huckleberry’ Ho (9weeks). The wee man has been having a tough time of it lately with both colic and reflux. And all the yucky medication that involves. All you can really do is give lots of cuddles, pace the floorboards and just wait it out. He’ll soldier through it though, he’s a little Ox.  Still, it’s incredibly heartwarming to see that Mileah can instantly bring a bit of sunshine to Lewis’ face and give him some light relief from his tummy pains, if only for a few minutes. I’m so proud of her. Did I say she’s only 4? She insisted on strapping on the baby carrier, walking from room to room, cooing and keeping Lewis entertained. I love her to pieces.

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