Spent a very enjoyable morning doing a pre-wedding photography session with Pippa & David at Dalhousie Castle, their wedding venue in October. A big part of doing a pre-wedding shoot is really getting to know each other as people so simply chatting to them and finding out about their lives and their interests, before the camera even came out of the camera bag, was half the fun. The rain was pretty persistent but the weather makes no difference to me whatsoever; if the couple are up for going outside with a brolly, I’m absolutely going to say yes 🙂 I’d happily photograph outside in a snowstorm – in fact I would positively encourage it. It’s all about having fun. And besides, you only live once so why not?! Here are just a few previews of a lovely hour spent at Dalhousie Castle in each other’s company. And a camera. I’m looking forward very much to being your wedding photographer Pippa & David!

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