Shooting the boys

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from photographing weddings over the last 16 years is that it’s as much the groom’s day as it is the bride’s. Put like that, it does seem pretty obvious. But with the hullabaloo and hype surrounding the marketing of weddings being so bride centric, you could easily think that the sole purpose role of the groom is to look smart, be on time and say ‘yes’ a lot. Over the last few years, I’ve found myself gradually re prioritising my photography time, particularly before the ceremony, to include far more coverage of the groom, bestmen and the ushers (& dads & pageboys too). Yes, they too get excited on the morning of the wedding! And they laugh and share stories and a dram. The biggest challenge these days is actually getting grooms themselves to realise how big a part they play on their wedding day! Too often I find them reluctant to take centre stage at any point preferring me to stay with the bride & the girls. Which is all very gentlemanly but ultimately the lack of photography coverage of the boys, particularly during the getting-ready stages, is something the groom (and I think especially the bride) will probably regret afterwards. So my advice is pretty much stating the obvious; a wedding day is a marriage of equals and your overall photography coverage should reflect that. So set aside a decent amount of photography time for shooting the boys. The following series of pictures are from Kevin & Kirsty’s wedding which I photographed in Glasgow and I think they perfectly highlight my point! There are some amazing pictures in there of the boys at the start of the day and such happy memories. And these pictures were only made possible because both the bride & groom, planned ahead and deliberately set aside plenty of time for a boy’s shoot pre-ceremony.

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