SNP Manifesto Launch in Perth

Exciting day for Sandie & I as we attended the SNP manifesto launch in the fair city of Perth. We’ve long been supporters of the SNP, particularly on the issues of independence and social justice. Politics aside, I’m always astounded by how humble and down to earth SNP councillors and MPs are, despite all the air time and fame (or nortoriety depending on your point of view) afforded to them, day in day out. Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. Maybe it’s the sign of the times that I am. But there’s an appreciation of what is the day-to-day reality for the majority of working Scots and their families that exudes from every single SNP MP I’ve had the pleasure to meet. That compassion comes from the top down – the first minister and her predecessor should take a lot of credit for ensuring that remains the case. Proud of the party, proud of what they stand for. Here are a few iphone shots. I didn’t think my camera bag would be allowed, given the security checks.

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