Sometimes you get to know the people in front of you so well that it feels like photographing members of your own family :).  And you find yourself taking even greater care and going the extra mile. I had the pleasure of being Gill & Keith’s wedding photographer back in 2005 as well as being invited to photograph their eldest son Fraser’s christening not long after. I’ve also taken some wonderful portraits of Gill and now it’s the turn of Fraser’s little brother Struan to take centre stage in front of my camera lens. And it was my pleasure to do the honours. A small, intimate gathering attended Struan’s christening at a small church just outside a rainy Bridge of Earn and then onto Gleneagles for the reception and a special family lunch. Thank you Gill & Keith for keeping me in mind through all the years and asking me to photograph one of Struan’s first milestones. I cannot believe how big Fraser is now! He’s a handsome wee charmer alright, fully deserving of his full double page spread in the storybook design 🙂 Thank you both especially for asking me to spend such a special family day with you, making me feel so welcome and for your patience during what is a hectic couple of weeks for me. It’s so much appreciated. I absolutely love these pictures – there are some fantastic moments to treasure (especially for gran and grandad)! Look forward to getting the storybook printed out for you.

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