The boys

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Give me a kilt all day long! But I’ll tell you this, a perfectly tailored suit takes some beating in the men’s fashion stakes. I remember pretty vividly lying on my tummy in the middle of the road to take this shot. The slope of the road and my camera angle gave a cool perspective of the city scape going off into the distance. It was just around the corner from the posh Blythswood Square hotel in Glasgow and the lads had just finished getting ready. So after downing some whisky shots, I took them outside to ‘get a bit of Glasgow’ in the pictures. To me, the getting-ready part of the day with the boys is all about having a laugh, looking the business and just going for it. And capturing all of that. Sandie was behind me, looking the other way, with strict instructions to yell ‘BUS!’ if one should come zooming round the corner. I only had about 10 seconds to nail this shot before I got run over. Well I guess 10 seconds was enough.

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