Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing Victoria & Mark’s wedding at the Brig O’Doon in Ayrshire. I know how much their wedding meant to both Victoria & Mark. For as long as Victoria and I have been FB friends, I could just tell from her updates how much she’s been looking forward to tying the knot with Mark. I’m so grateful that both she and Mark remembered me from Stacey & Kenny’s wedding (Victoria’s Uncle & Aunt) 3 years ago. Or was it 4?! Anyways, it made me all the more determined to do an extra fantastic photography job for them both. Thank you for choosing me to be your wedding photographer you two! I have to say that Victoria, looking absolutely beautiful, wins my 2012 award for the most emotional-bride-before-the-ceremony. And probably during the ceremony too. Which I think is a wonderful thing; sometimes I feel that weddings aren’t emotional enough! That the entire focus is on following a rigid timetable with military precision and getting to the sit-down for the meal as quickly as possible. In those instances, people forget to allow themselves to be completely swept away by their own happiness, love and all the wonderful wedding day emotions. Which I think is a real shame. To me, the more tears, the better. Tears of happiness of course 🙂 And some couples are such an obvious perfect fit. Like a jigsaw. Victoria & Mark are one such couple. I think that’s brilliant. It’s abundantly clear even to me (and their parents especially will back me up on this) that one person’s strengths completely fulfils the other person’s needs. Some things just fit. Some things were just meant to be. And they’ll work wonders together. Looking forward to showing the complete set and creating a beautiful storybook!

Victoria LOVES shoes! These sparkly heels were just perfect.
There was a lot of genuine emotion & happy tears during the getting-ready stages. And a lot of time to reflect. I think this shot captures that.
Victoria looks amazing. Too often it’s a manic rush from the make-up chair straight to the church. But I’m so glad that Victoria agreed with me to deliberately set aside an hour BEFORE the ceremony so that I could create these beautiful bridal portraits. These are forever. I’m so glad we made the time.
Mark looking every bit the handsome groom. I won’t go on about it after what Gary (Mark’s bestman) said in his speech about how Mark takes compliments about his looks 🙂
It’s not often that Grooms look as relaxed before the ceremony. Normally they are a bundle of nerves. So I think I did good here! Mark looks great.
The Brig O’Doon is a beautiful venue to place to exchange your wedding vows.
Everyone saw Victoria’s tears of happiness as such a beautiful thing.
The rain was pretty constant. But we still managed to get outside with a brolly and create some fantastic shots. Here you can see the actual Brig O’Doon in the background.
I love this quiet, intimate, reflective shot of Victoria & Mark.
One of my favourite venues. This shot of Victoria & Mark at the top of the stairs, with the party going on in the background, is full of atmosphere. It really shows off the hotel’s great hall.

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