Like revisiting an old friend really! It’s been while since I photographed a wedding at the magnificent Wedderburn Castle in Duns. Too long in fact. It really is a castle full of elegance, charm and character. A bit like Laura & Brendan 🙂 who chose to tie the knot on Saturday in front of their family & closest friends. Their elegance should be obvious from these preview pictures. As for their incredible charm and strong character – you’ll just have to take my word for it! Even from the one day I spent with them, it’s clear that you won’t find two individuals more likeable or more determined than Mr & Mrs Drake. Thank you so much for choosing me to be your wedding photographer guys! I’m thrilled with the results so far. Your wedding honestly felt like a film set complete with locations, props, actors and extras. And I’m personally delighted that I got to indulge the film director inside of me, just a little bit! Here are some fantastic ‘movie stills’ which I had the pleasure of photographing. Look forward to showing the rest. The leads played their part beautifully btw.

You can’t beat a pair of Jimmy Choos!
Love this shot. You can feel Laura’s excitement!
One of my favorite parts of the day, the getting-ready. Laura looks stunning.
Laura playing the part of the beautiful bride perfectly.
Some shots make me smile and this is one of them! It needed a bit of creativity to come up with a picture which told the story of the boy’s getting ready…
Ashley & Dale, 2 strapping groomsmen from Oz, were never going to take the whole kilt thing very seriously…
In contrast, thankfully, here is Brendan looking cool, calm and collected, ready for his walk down the aisle.
I love this composition of Laura, her proud father Len and all of the bridesmaids, making their way down the grand staircase, towards the ballroom where Brendan and all the guests are waiting…
I’m so happy I got this moment. Laura & Brendan just after saying I-Do. There’s something distinctively ‘transatlantic’ about this picture…
I love the whole feel (and especially the lighting) of this picture of Brendan & Laura. Composed in only a few seconds while we waited for the next family group! Dappled sunlight streaming through leaves is a tough one to get right. I think I did good 🙂
See what I mean about movie stars? Just impossibly glam! A wonderful shot of Mr & Mrs Drake on the dance floor for their 1st waltz. A fitting finale.

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