david ho photographer top wedding and best headshot photographer in Scotland. Based in Edinbugh, covering Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee. Professional headshots scotland. Sandie Knudsen.

I daresay for the best photographers in the world, what you see is what you get. Browse through my images. If you like what you see, if you like the feel of what I do, then we’re half way there because that’s exactly what you’re going to get! There’s no point in asking me or any other photographer worth his salt to photograph in a way that is different to what he knows and what he shows in his portfolio. Or worse still, ask him to copy another photographer’s style. That’s just off! If you’re thinking that then hire the other photographer. No hard feelings. Everything on my website is me, it’s how I photograph. Glean from it whatever you will. It’s how I like to shoot, it’s how I want to shoot. I can’t change and I won’t change. WYSIWYG.

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